Adamic unit systemEdit

Adamic unit system is the general geometrized standard for all measurements — it measures all things, and includes positional bases ranging from zero toward infinity,[1] while it is rooted in daynight as its single base unit, which as time unit has highest dimensional capacity, higher than dimensional capacities of charge, length, mass, temperature.

In Adamic unit system (positional bases ranging from zero toward infinity were used), that is universally applicable, there are digits:

  • 0=Ͳ
  • 1=Α
  • 2=Β
  • 3=Γ
  • 4=Δ
  • 5=Ε
  • 6=Ϝ
  • 7=Ζ
  • 8=Ͱ
  • 9=Θ
  • A=Ι
  • B=ΙΑ
  • C=ΙΒ
  • D=ΙΓ
  • E=ΙΔ
  • F=ΙΕ
  • G=ΙϜ
  • H=ΙΖ
  • I=ΙͰ
  • J=ΙΘ
  • K=Κ
  • L=ΚΑ
  • M=ΚΒ
  • N=ΚΓ
  • O=ΚΔ
  • P=ΚΕ
  • Q=ΚϜ
  • R=ΚΖ
  • S=ΚͰ
  • T=ΚΘ
  • U=Λ
  • V=ΛΑ
  • W=ΛΒ
  • X=ΛΓ
  • Y=ΛΔ
  • Z=ΛΕ


  • 10=Α Ͳ

with their relevant numerals such as null–nine and nulleven–ninelve, etc... ten, and there exists only one unit – daynight from which all other quantities are derived, by using appropriate crossequivalences used in Adamic unit system.

Teen numbers above ten are then named oneteen–nineteen. Rest of numerals above ten is used without any changes.

Process of equalization of other quantities with daynight unit is following:

1.876 E–18 C / 5.391 E–44 s = 3.47987386385E+25 C/s × 86400 = 3.00661101837E+30 C/daynight
1.616 E–35 m / 5.391 E–44 s = 2.99758857355E+08 m/s × 86400 = 2.58991652755E+13 m/daynight
2.177 E–08 G / 5.391 E–44 s = 4.03821183454E+35 G/s × 86400 = 3.48901502504E+40 G/daynight
1.417 E+32 K / 5.391 E–44 s = 2.62845483213E+75 K/s × 86400 = 2.27098497496E+80 K/daynight
5.391 E–44 s / 5.391 E–44 s = 1.00000000000E+00 s/s × 86400 = 8.64000000000E+04 s/daynight

There are involved SI coulomb, SI meter, SI grave (kilogram/milliton), SI kelvin, and SI second that all have dimension of distance, while ampere (containing coulomb), mole (containing no unit) and candela (containing no other units than previously involved) are omitted due to their lack of dimension in Adamic units.

Next these results are consistently multipled and divided by any base (in range from zero toward infinity) to obtain multiples and divisions of daynight and their equivalent values in SI fundamental units. These multiples and divisions of daynight can be used to measure charge, length, mass, temperature and time.

Note that grave is used instead of kilogram/milliton, because it is original historic unprefixed name of kilogram/milliton used here for consistency.

Below are provided all needed crossequivalences that are covering all SI fundamental units,[2] and if not possible, their unique elements, because ampere is a dimensionless ratio of two lengths such as [C/s], and candela (1/683 [W/sr]) is a dimensionless ratio of two dimensionless ratios such as ratio of two volumes [G×m²/s³]=[W] and ratio of two areas [m²/m²]=[sr], while mole is nothing else than dimensionless Avogadro number of entities:

  • 1.876 E–18 C
  • 1.616 E–35 m
  • 2.177 E–08 G
  • 1.417 E+32 K
  • 5.391 E–44 s

All these units represents nothing else than distance along dimension, which makes SI redundant in comparison to Adamic units.


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