Joseph Ezekiel Yahuda was a British lawyer, freelance author and a self-styled linguist. He was born on July 29, 1900 in Jerusalem, Israel. He was the son of Isaac Benjamin Ezekiel Yahuda, a longtime researcher and linguist. In 1982, he published a book entitled Hebrew is Greek, Greek is Hebrew, in which he proposed the theory that the Hebrew and Arabic languages are Greek in origin. He claimed that virtually all Hebrew and Arabic words could be "derived" from Greek ones. He died in 1995 in Westcott, Surrey, England.

Examples of the etymologies he proposed are the following:

  • Cain < Ka-en < Κα ην < Γα ην < Γηινος ('from the earth')
  • Israel < Eis-ra-el < εις ('powerful') + ρα ('king') + ηλ ('sun')

Additionally Kallimachos Diogenes in Greek newspaper 'Daulos' provided the following etymologies:

  • Daniel = Δανιηλ = Δαν/ηλ = Dan/el = roof of the Sun
  • Iezekiel = Ιεζεκιηλ = Ιεζ/εκ/ηλ = υιος εξ Ηλιου = son of the Sun
  • Ismael = Ισμα/ηλ = Σιμα/ηλ = σημα/ηλ = mark of the Sun
  • Michael = Μιχα/ηλ = Μυχα/ηλ = μυχο/ηλ = center of the Sun
  • Nathanel = Ναθαν/ηλ = αθανα/ηλ = ανασαν/ηλ = breath of the Sun
  • Raphael = Ραφα/ηλ = Rapha/el = Ripe/el = ριπη/ηλ = ray of the Sun


  • Joseph Ezekiel Yahuda, Hebrew is Greek, Greek is Hebrew. Oxford: Becket Publications, (1982) 686 pages. ISBN: 0728900130

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